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How to make a purchase on the APP

Follow the steps below to successfully make a purchase on the APP

Sign In

Once you have downloaded the app, kindly open the App and click on “Create Account” below the login page. Kindly fill out the form and create an account. If you have already created an account on the APP kindly login.


Note: one account for one device

Add to Cart

After logging in successfully, the second step is to select a category and sub-category of the type of summary you wish to purchase. select the courses one after the other and add them to cart.

Checkout and pay

After adding all your courses to your cart, the next step is to click on the cart icon at the top right of the screen to checkout. Click checkout and input your card details. Do not worry about security, we use one of the most trusted and secured payment gateway in Nigeria; (PAYSTACK).

View and read

Once payment is successful, the courses purchased will be added automatically to your “Purchased” section which can be found below the App. Now you can click on any of the courses, allow it to load successfully, then you can start reading (even offline).

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